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Sevabharathi Kishori Vikas : Run for a Cause🏃 - Educate a Girl 💁Child

Run for a Cause🏃 - Educate a Girl 💁Child

An educated girl in low income household can change the family as well as the society around her and this is what is driving SevaBharathi's Kishori Vikas program so that more such girls are empowered through education and personality development.

What I witnessed today is a sea of humanity. More than 5000 people from IT companies and more than 1000 girls who are enrolled in existing Kishori Vikas centres of SevaBharathi ran for the cause of Girl Child Education. This number crossed all our expectations. Just a month back, when few of us met to discuss about the run, we were thinking about 200-300 people as this is the first ever such run in Cyberabad area conducted through SevaBharathi for this cause.

I am not only proud but also happy and content with the kind of support we witnessed and I sincerely hope the cause of girl child education will be taken forward. Hopefully 100 education centres in 100 slums, 100 gated communities, 100 schools in Cyberabad will all be integrated within next 2 years and we will build a system that can be replicated to bring out good among people, to break social fences, to change the mind-set and confidence levels of underprivileged through education and personality development.

We need to specially thank Youth For Seva volunteers and several other NGOs who have helped this event to be such a huge success. Special thanks to several corporates especially Genpact and CapGemini who not only gave donation for this cause but also encouraged their employees to take part in big numbers.

Special thanks to media friends who supported this great cause.

And no words are enough to match the great planning and execution done by Cyberabad SevaBharathi team with great support from Seva Bharathi parent organization.

Long Live SevaBharathi... Jai Hind.


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Kishori vikasa kendram, Mancheriyal garmilla basthi

Kishori vikasa kendram, Mancheriyal garmilla basthi.20 members attend. 

2 Graduate student volunteers are running the programme as a summer internship

Photos : Kishori Vikas centers Bala Samskara kendras

Kishori Vikas centers run Bala Samskara kendras